Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introducing the D&C official cocktail...

At Dust & Corruption Central, we've long enjoyed various libations, but a chance encounter with an intriguing drink recipe from the 20s has generated some excitement.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the establishment of the Dust & Corruption official cocktail...


2 jiggers each:
dry vermouth
sweet vermouth
orange juice

1 jigger:
Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur

A dash or two of orange bitters (but regular angostura will do in a pinch)

Shake over ice, and enjoy while reading a good book or watching an atmospheric b&w movie.

Of course, the familiar old martini or Manhattan is always welcome, but nothing with frilly paper umbrellas, please. Unless you're doing Tiki Night at your which we at D&C expect to be invited.

(We may start an occasional series..."The Dust & Corruption Guide to Gracious Living." It's a thought...

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