Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Assorted October Stuff

The month's nearly over. I hope everyone's having a good one.

I neglected to mention that I was again invited to the dress rehearsal for Goatman Hollow. It's a new story this year, with some new effects, and my friend Steve and I had a hell of a good time. It's on for two more weekends, folks, so go see it if you can. I'm not sure I'll be able to go for the full production (in between other October stuff), but at least I got my usual wonderful behind-the-scenes peek.

I recently read Anthony Eglin's THE WATER LILY CROSS. For all the praise I heaped on him before...oh my lord, folks, he really dropped the ball on this one. He seemed to be trying for more intrigue this time, but it never comes together. There's an interesting concept (a chase after a hybridized water lily that's capable of desalinating sea water naturally), but the hero blunders into some very obvious traps and makes a bunch of basic mistakes, and in the final summation, the author makes a MAJOR timeline error, forgetting the order that things took place earlier in the book. That's just unpardonable.

And, aside from the usual, I've finished up the first phase of some dental work (I had a crown done) and with all the bills I've had to be careful with my expenses. I sometimes wonder if I should put up a "Donate" button for my book/DVD/movie ticket budget. We'll see.

So get out there, folks, do some fun Halloween stuff, and report back. Really. I mean it.

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