Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Debriefing

Sheesh, what a season.

I took the week before Halloween off, and I needed it. Work's been more than a bit insane, and I love, love, LOVE taking time in fall. You can enjoy the colors and take in all the local attractions because in DC the tourists clear out in fall.

On Friday the 23rd, I went to Belly Horror, a Halloween belly-dancing show that is growing every year, and this time encompassed a series of performances and workshops. Performers came in from Georgia, California, New York, and Massachusetts to take part, and it's hoped that this will develop into an even bigger belly-dance festival.

It was a great show, with lots of fun, innovative performances. The one down part, for me, was a scene that used the David Bowie song "As the World Falls Down," from the movie LABYRINTH. It wasn't a bad performance, actually one of the nicer ones, but...well...that song Has Memories, and I was feeling a little vulnerable that evening. We'll just leave it there.

The next night was the Second Annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk. That was a lot of fun, although a different experience from last year. I was totally on my own this year; several friends had expressed interest but in the end nobody could make it, so I was the Lonesome Ghoul. (That's me above.) We had about four times as many people participating this year as last year, so when I tried to get a burger in the Quarry House, it turned out to be too insanely crowded for me to get anyone's attention. I ended up ducking out and going to the Big Greek Cafe nearby, where they know me (I get lunch there a lot), and they greeted me with amused affection. And when it started...well, it didn't have some of the shock value that it had last year. Actually, as we lurched down the Ellsworth Promenade, with the "norms" on either side, snapping pics, I kinda felt like I was in a parade. At one point I held up my arms so a toddler in arms could chop at me with a plastic axe; the warm smile from his parents cheered me up a little. But some of the spontaneity was gone.

We staggered into the AFI Silver for a showing of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, which was OK although I missed the opening remarks and some of the pre-show chaos because I was stuck in the beer line for freakin' ever, and didn't get my booze and a seat until after the movie had started. Ugh. Eventually I got home and cleaned up, but am even more determined to build up a posse for next year.

As for my week...I roamed downtown, did some housecleaning, did a bit of hiking (actually to be described in a later post) and had a pleasant, relaxing time. DC in the fall is great...uncrowded, easy to get around. Screw the cherry blossoms...the Tidal Basin in autumn is lovely...

And then on Friday was the yearly tradition of NOSFERATU with live music from the Silent Orchestra, which is always a good time. I assembled with some friends, grabbed dinner at another of my favorites, Thai Flavor, and we all enjoyed ourselves. It's interesting going to multiple performances, as the score always varies a bit, a constantly evolving piece of work.

Halloween night was spent at a friend's party, having a fun time and reconnecting with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, and talking smack about people who weren't there. Yes, I mean you. And you. And...yeah, you over there.

And then this past week has been spent catching up on all the stuff I missed at the office while I was out. And I'm still not caught up. I am close, though.

So it's shaping up to be a nice November here, and I'm already making plans for Thanksgiving. I've got more stuff to talk about, some books to read, and all sorts of fun to have....

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