Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts in an Amontillado Glass

This is biggish news...a previously unseen portrait of Edgar Allan Poe has finally seen the light, and will be publicly unveiled this weekend in Baltimore. It's to be auctioned off later this year, hopefully catching $10,000 or more. Isn't it delightful? It's a different Poe than we're used to seeing; he's healthy and good-humored, probably in one his better moments. As many others do, I value his gothic works, but lately I've developed a huge appreciation for his humor and satire. He was a funny man, that Edgar.

This weekend is the Poe Birthday Celebration in Baltimore; I sent off for my ticket but I was a bit late and haven't heard yet if my ticket has been reserved. I may have to drive up on Sunday afternoon and stand in line and hope for the best.

And today is Poe's birthday, and I am horrified to report that the Poe Toaster did NOT show up last night. I can't help but wonder...what's up? Did the guy doing this lose interest? Was he ill? Did he just give up after the bicentennial? Or will he be out there tonight?

If any reader is planning on lurking out there tonight, I expect a report.

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Vagrarian said...

OK folks...I got my ticket for Sunday. The show this year is a first...Jeffrey Combs as Poe in a one-man show directed by Stuart Gordon. I hope to see that picture with my own eyes, and hopefully can find out something about the Poe Toaster's absence.