Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Late breaking news: Me. Onstage. Palace of Wonders.

My favorite club, The Palace of Wonders, will be shutting its doors for renovations and renaming; it's been bought out by the club next door, The Red and the Black, and I've heard it will henceforth be known as the Red Palace.  The future of the DC burlesque/vaudeville/variety scene remains up in the air, but we're hoping.

At any rate, tomorrow night (9/29) there will be a big Grand Finale show, and I'll be onstage, in the guise of my new stage persona, Prof. Leopold von Gröpenhanz, as "stage tiger" (as in the guy who picks up the junk left over from various acts) and maybe whatever else may be needed (trick victim? assistant MC?  who knows?), so it'll be fun.  Maybe someday I'll MC my own show...

But anyway, if you're in DC and are free Wednesday night, c'mon by and say hi.

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