Saturday, August 13, 2011

Death is a Cabaret

A friend just purchased some postcards from this establishment, the Cabaret du Néant, which I had never heard of before tonight!

The Cabaret du Néant (meaning "Cabaret of Nothingness/Death") was a ghost show cabaret. It featured morbid and macabre theme throughout, with patrons sitting at coffin-shaped tables, and a show where a living person was seemingly transformed into a skeleton. (It's an old illusion frequently used at carnivals in the U.S., usually with a mad scientist turning a beautiful woman into a gorilla or something similar.)

Anyway, when it's a dreary Saturday night and I'm at home because there's damned little going on that interests me, and I'm trying to watch my pennies anyway, the idea of the perfect watering hole for all the gentleman adventurers and lady adventuresses who follow this blog, a place to gather and joke and laugh and enjoy a macabre show, sounds delightful. Somewhere in a parallel universe we're all happily gathered there...

Here's a video honoring the cabaret...

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