Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Night at the Movies!

It's a fairly cool Sunday evening as we head down the street to our favorite old movie theater; now that the sunsets come sooner some of summer's heat has been blunted and occasionally there's a day like today that's surprisingly cool.

Today it's a double feature of works by Spanish filmmaker Segundo de Chomon, both short. Starting with the longer, we have "Legend of a Ghost" from 1908, which is rather incoherent, a series of surreal vignettes with no real story connecting them, but it's still pretty to look at.

And then there's a shorter piece, actually only a fragment of a longer one, called "The Enchanted Pond" from 1907, that seems in sync with summertime langour.

It's raining when we leave the theater, on our way to stop at the cafe, and we duck under umbrellas, talking and laughing, before going our separate ways...

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