Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well I'll be damned

I never lost power. Fully expected to, was prepared for it, but it never happened. Made me nervous as hell because the whole time the wind blew I expected it to go out. And today in my area it's no worse than if there had been a hard rain. It's plenty cold, too.

My heart goes out to the folks who did get whomped, especially in New York and New Jersey, and I call on my readers to make donations to their favorite charities for aid. Every year I donate to Mercy Corps; another favorite is the Red Cross. A friend speaks very, very highly of Mennonite Disaster Service, which is faith-based but does absolutely no proselytizing (according to him) and is very efficient with putting donations to use, much more than many other charities. But please, if you can, give to a charity you believe in and give some help.

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