Monday, March 18, 2013

March's Night Out at the Movies

March is being typically unpredictable. A few days ago it was beguilingly warm, but tonight is cold and rainy and dreary and miserable. Our regular dinner out is a warm one by the restaurant's fireplace, with the last bolstering dishes of winter being served.

After laughs, conversation, and genial haggling over the bill, we head up the street to that strange old movie house we visit so much...

First up, in honor of the season, is Segundo de Chomon's cute 1907 holiday card, "The Easter Eggs."

And from the same year, here's some fun from George Melies..."Satan in Prison".

And finally the feature presentation, 1932's "Sinister Hands"!

The show over, we huddle our shoulders against the cold and head up the street to our favorite cafe, all the while wondering what adventures can happen unexpectedly...

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