Thursday, April 4, 2013

April at the Phantom Cabaret!

It's a cold night for April, but we're gathered at the new nightspot in town, in the basement of an Italian restaurant on a side street. So far, so good; the drinks are cold, the crowd is lively, the service attentive, the decor is just tawdry enough without seeming overly cheap.

And then a hush falls over the crowd as the star attraction takes the small stage...

William Bolcom is a 20th century composer dear to my heart; he's also composed some jazz pieces like my beloved "Ghost Rags," and the opera "Casino Paradise" which include a knockout song, "Night, Make My Day" which is criminally unknown. These songs are from two cycles that he composed for his wife, Joan Morris, and that have become a part of the vocal repertoire. I sing them in the shower and hope to sing them onstage someday.

Anyway, it's a cold night outside, but it's warm inside...let's enjoy some more music and laughs. Hey, that guy over there is checking you out...

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