Thursday, May 16, 2013

D&C's DC: Elton Cemetery

The abandoned, neglected cemetery is something some folks think of with delight, something to explore, an adventure waiting to happen. It's either a great spot for sketching or a great spot for black magic rituals, and everything in between.

Recent, I visited Elton Cemetery, a forgotten burying ground that's the only remnant of the long-gone town of Triadelphia, which now lies drowned under the waters of the Triadelphia reservoir in Maryland.

 Elton Cemetery is small and decaying; I first visited it about 10-15 years ago and recall more stones standing than there are now. Go visit if you want to take some fun photos or some notes for a scene in your story.

Elton Cemetery is located in the Triadelphia Recreation Area. If you're in DC, take Georgia Avenue north, through Silver Spring, Wheaton, Olney, and Brookeville. (Brookeville is a charming village worth exploring; park the car on a side street and take a stroll.) Once you pass the intersection with New Hampshire Avenue (Rt 650), turn right on Triadelphia Lake Road (signs will point to the recreation area). The road goes sharply downhill to the boat ramp and parking for the recreation area; don't go there. Instead, just before it dips, there's a parking area on the right. Park there and follow the trail, which leads to Elton Cemetery.

You can also find it by taking Rt 97 south from I-70. If so, I still recommend going south to Brookeville to look around. Great area.
This abandoned garden store is along Georgia Ave, south of Elton Cemetery. I couldn't help but stop and take a photo.
This is one of those hidden areas of the U.S. that may disappear in future years...go visit if you can.


sondra said...

That garden center is neat looking. Has only been empty few years now but they still use it for storage purposes.

Sandra Benitez

sondra said...

garden center is still used for storage from the company

Sandra Benitez