Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Phantom Recital and a Daring Escapade

A friend dropped a hint to us, so the gang is going for an evening walk in a part of town we don't frequent much. An abandoned church is on a side street, but some say music can be heard at night.

We hear the strange sounds from the church, and Viola, brave as ever, checks a side door as Ramsey and Laura try to peek in a window. Viola holds the door and pulls out her phone as you, James, and May steal inside to investigate. The inside is a ruin, but a shadowy figure sits at the mysteriously-operating organ, playing a strange modern piece. You're steeling yourself, James has balled his fists, and May's black belt in tae kwon do might be put in use; Viola, Ramsey, and Laura are hanging to the back, but you all are stunned when the figure turns as it finishes the music, and you all see the face before it runs out the side door.

Professor Lipsius! The mad genius of crime and diabolism! But...wasn't he drowned in the harbor after we tracked him down last?

We race to follow, and find a trapdoor leading to the city's catacombs. You all pause, unsure, unprepared, a bit frightened at the thought of dealing with him again...

(The piece is actually "Litanies" by Jehan Alain, a French composer and organist who died young. At 39, he was serving in the French army during WWII and died a hero trying to fight a squad of German soldiers. He was hailed as one of the most original voices in music of the 20th century. His sister, who performs the piece, was a highly acclaimed organist who passed away earlier this year.)

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