Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Hot Night at the Movies!

It's blazing hot tonight, and it seems a good night for our monthly movie date. Dinner at the usual restaurant is light, and conversation may be lagging a bit; we're all worn and tired from the heat.

At least the sun is down by the time we leave, and the movie house's air conditioning is going full blast. Our favorite seats are waiting for us; what will the show be tonight?

First off, here's a bit from 1899, George Melies' "Summoning the Spirits.

And a bit more from Melies, 1905's "Le dirigeable fantastique."

And now the main feature...the 1932 Bela Lugosi classic, "White Zombie"!

This little film was dismissed when it came out as a terrible film, but I think it's held up remarkably well and now boasts quite a bit of naive charm.

Show's over, time for a scramble in the heat to the cafe down the way, where something cold awaits!

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