Monday, August 5, 2013

August at the Phantom Concert Hall

And once again we're in our bohemian best at the concert hall. It's a cool evening, and we've already arranged for dinner later, and tonight is a special treat. A rare performance of Prokofiev's Third Symphony!

Almost sounds like something by Bernard Herrmann, doesn't it? Prokofiev is famous for things like "Peter and the Wolf" but there's a rarely performed repertoire of his works that spectral and sometimes horrific. Symphony No. 3 borrows some themes from an opera he composed, "The Fiery Angel," which I'm told is full of witchcraft and demonic possession. I can believe it; this piece is utterly diabolical. Prokofiev himself seems to have been most fascinated by mysticism and the occult, and it shows.

Sorry I'm a bit late with this; I'm apartment-hunting in earnest so that's taking up a bit of my time.

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