Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September's Night Out at the Movies!

It's a one of the first cool nights of September as we gather for our regular dinner before the movie. There's tales of work, of various adventures, and of school starting. Tonight's specials are quite good, and there's much good-natured joshing over the bill. By now the waiters are finally used to us.

We go up the street to that old movie theater and settle in for the show...

First up is a 1903 confection from George Melies, "The Infernal Cakewalk"!

(Who says there isn't dancing in Hell?)

The feature presentation is the 1933 thriller "A Shriek in the Night," starring Ginger Rogers!

The show over, we wander off in search of a drink at the local cafe. You need something to fortify you against the chilly night air of autumn!

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