Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January's Night Out at the Movies!

We shuffle over the snowy sidewalks, careful not to slip, and stomp our feet before sitting down at our usual table at the restaurant. It's a chilly, wet, snowy night in January when we meet, exchanging tales of the holidays and our New Year's parties and heaven knows what else. The meal is warming and we joke over the bill, Then we pick our way up the street to that familiar old movie theater...

Tonight's film is an overlooked 1933 thriller, TOMORROW AT SEVEN!

Isn't that a cracker? It's a shame a delightful flick like this is forgotten these days, but at least we have YouTube and DVDs to preserve little treasures like this.

We step out in the dark January night, with the snow gleaming from the city lights, and growl of snowplows and salt trucks passing by...

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