Sunday, April 5, 2015

April at the Phantom Concert Hall!

Tonight there's a spring gala a that restored old concert hall we visited last month! We've made an evening of it, dining at a new Eastern European restaurant nearby and then heading over to the venue. It's a cool night, but not as cold as it has been; spring has been sluggish in arriving this year, after a winter of much snow and long sustained cold snaps.

The gala is a fundraiser for the restoration work on the hall, and has quite a few impressive performers, and one very memorable moment...

This is an aria from a lesser-known Lehar operetta, "Gypsy Love," and I adore it. I have such a terrible weakness for gypsy-tinged music, and this is a shining example of it.

We file out afterwards, the fundraiser having been a great success....a glass of absinthe awaits us at that bar up ahead....

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