Monday, June 22, 2015

A Steamy Night at the Movies

June got hot and stayed hot, and we're all moving at half speed, if we're lucky. The meal we share at our usual restaurant is a light one, and the new line of gelati for dessert is a welcome break.

Then we quickly run up to the theater up the block...and thank goodness their air conditioning is working! Almost too well!

As the cool air wafts over us, we strap in for tonight's feature, 1934's Murder in the Museum!

Yes, it is flawed, but it is worthwhile for a glimpse at the dime museums of yore, something now long gone.

After the show, we hope the heat has lifted...but no, the humidity has just grown worse. We limp up the street to that little cafe, hoping for something cold before we part ways for the night...

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