Sunday, July 5, 2015

Musical Interlude for July

We're at a friend's house by the water, enjoying a potluck cookout, drinks, and a ton of illegal fireworks that are being skillfully handled by some knowledgeable folk. It's the Fourth of July, Independence Day, and it's a great time to relax and get your feet wet.

And guess what! If you want an impromptu concert as the sun sets, they have a piano in the living room and someone's going to play for us...

This is a great piece of musical illustration (it's meant to be a musical evocation of fireworks), from one of my favorite composers. Also, not frequently heard, and it deserves to be.

I hope my American readers had a good Independence Day; I had a celebration with family and then one with friends, each with impressive fireworks.

And the fireworks we have tonight are glorious, aren't they? And look! You can see people on the other side of the bay setting off fireworks too....

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