Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A December Night at the Movies

We take refuge from an unseasonably warm and uncomfortable December night in our favorite restaurant, with our usual lamentations of shopping and holiday bustle and the dreadful weather. The only thing worse than a bitter cold and snowy December is one that's unusually warm and springlike, oppressively humid, and carrying with it the threat of a blazingly, hellishly hot summer.

After our meal, we head up the street to that romantically rundown movie house we go to so much. Tonight's show is a lovely old black & white mystery movie MURDER ON THE CAMPUS.

The thrills and chills of the old movie's twists and turns are a potent antidote to the cynical, cookie-cutter, trying-too-hard-to-be-heartwarming holiday fare we can't escape from.

Our spirits raised, we head up the street for a final drink before parting for the night...and to exchange some small presents, just for fun....

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