Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October's Night Out at the Movies!

Cool weather seems to have finally settled in to stay, and we gather at the usual restaurant for a meal before this month's movie. Leaves are falling, at last, and we're sitting around discussing our individual plans for Halloween, and all our other trials and tribulations.

Then it's up to that shabby old movie theater....that's just remodeled a bit, which is why we're late this month....and time for our monthly movie date! October is bringing us 1935's "The Crime of Dr. Crespi"

Isn't Erich von Stroheim a blast? And yeah, it claims to be a Poe story, but really, it's very, very loosely inspired by "The Premature Burial." But this is one of the more highly-praised Poverty Row horrors, and quite a bit of fun.

And seriously, sorry to be so late this month, but last week's heat wave left me ill and unable to sleep for three days. I'm back to normal (almost) and feeling better. Still looking for work.

The show over, we head out for a final drink before going our separate ways....

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