Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Phantom Puppet Show for November!

I came across a great video, and thought I'd do something a little different for November. We're all having our Halloween hangovers (I'm certainly still in the mood) and this delightful video, based on the old song "Mysterious Mose", is great fun. The song is the source of that "da-da-da-da-DAAA-DUM!" musical riff that we associate with spookiness and haunted houses. I can't give an exact date for the song, but it's likely from the late 20s; it was used in a 1930 Fleischer cartoon that featured a very early appearance by Betty Boop, before she was officially called by that name, and while she was still a anthropomorphized poodle.

Anyway, here's Screen Novelties' fun puppet show version:

And what do you's another puppet show to the same tune....

And what the hey, here's the Betty Boop version as well.

I'll be back soon...make your November great!

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