Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Slightly Late January Night at the Movies!

OK, it's been a few months since we got together. Blame the holidays. But now the new year has started, and we're settling back into the groove of our workaday lives. We're dining at that little restaurant we love, joking with the waiter, sampling each others' dishes despite protestations of being on various diets, discussing our planned adventures for the year, our hopes for spring, our dreams of what the year may bring.

After settling up the bill, we head up the street to that old movie theater we love. They got a new coat of paint, and the carpet has been cleaned, and the ticket-taker with the biceps and tattoos is glad to see us.

The movie tonight is the 1937 thriller SKY RACKET!

SKY RACKET is an odd combination of aerial piracy thrills with screwball romance; the producer was mixing two then-popular genres. Whether or not it works is up to you...

The show over, we amble up the street for a final drink at that small cafe....the night is cold, and the stars are bright. We'll make it through another winter...

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