Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Quick Personal Note

Sorry to not be around much non-blog life has been a bit crazy, in a good way. The company I've been temping with for the past year has extended a permanent job offer, so I'm eagerly waiting for HR to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. At the same time, I'll be put in a new part of the department, so I'm learning a bunch of new stuff. I'm excited and happy but also a bit stressed and anxious, as you can imagine. But insurance! paid time off! job security! 

At the same time, I've been physically run down; sinus troubles, coughing, and a general malaise that strike every so often. I haven't felt seriously sick, just "off" as the saying goes, and I haven't had much energy to devote to writing for the past few weeks. I had my flu shot in the fall but wonder if I'm not fighting off something.

And, I'll be honest...the job offer is great but I've also found myself full of self-doubts and concerns that it's all a mistake and other people are more deserving....impostor syndrome and all that. It's made me realize that maybe it's time for a mental and emotional tune-up, so maybe I'll look into therapy once the insurance is up and running.

I'm not going away; I definitely will be back. I'll probably take another week or two before returning to all you nice people out there who read me. I have a growing stack of books to review so I'll definitely be doing them! Thanks for bearing with me.

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