Sunday, February 10, 2019

February at the Phantom Cabaret!

The worst of the winter chill is (we hope) over, and our minds and bodies are starting to gear up for spring. The days are noticeably longer, there's been a few warm days, so we're ready for it.

Tonight, we're heading off to that little cabaret we have to duck down a dark passageway between two buildings, and emerge in a beautifully appointed space, full of atmospheric lighting and comfortable seats, where the drinks are good and the music even better.

Tonight, we're hearing the Eastern European band Fishtank!

Sorry I've been slow to post again. My computer crashed and it took me a few days to reload Windows and while I was able to save my personal files, I had to reload all my programs. I'm a bit nervous about still working with this thing but I'm in no position to buy a new one, so here I am...

Don't worry, it's onward and upward!

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