Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from D&C!

I've had a wild October, not all of it pleasant.  Work has been busy, and I had a physical recently that resulted in being fussed at over my weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure (none of which requires medication yet, but still), and the revelation that I had a vitamin D deficiency (not all that surprising; I burn easily and with a family history of skin cancer, tend to stay out of the sun, and fresh milk upsets my stomach), but also there were some issues with my EKG that ended with a visit to a cardiologist.  Now, the EKG issues could have been the result of having chest hair (the sensors don't stick well and may not read correctly) and when I had a 2DEcho (kind of a chest sonogram) at the cardiologist, the technician didn't scream and run for the doctor, and they didn't hustle me into an ambulance and cart me off to the hospital, so hopefully there's nothing seriously wrong.

So, of course, that casts a pall over your October.  And then yesterday I was at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, which was fun but exhausting.  I'm a centrist/liberal leaning guy, and I liked the rally's call for civility and reason (it took jabs at both sides, although the people there were clearly overwhelmingly part of the liberal/lefty camp).  But I had a couple opportunities for fun things to do that night, and had to pass on all of them because I was simply too exhausted.

So today, it's quiet, all the parties were last night, and I'm lounging around watching movies.  I hope my readers are having fun, whatever they're doing.  I may go see "Blood Sweat & Fears" again, but haven't made up my mind; it's either that or put on my black wool cape and go out and scare the kids in the neighborhood...

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