Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's pronounced cor-NETT

I was just interviewed by the podcast Double Meat, about gaming, being gay, being a nerd, being a gay nerd, burlesque, and why there needs to be more skeptical and atheist outreach to the GLBT community.  Didn't hit much on this blog, but I hope some folks come to visit.  (The header of this post comes from a conversation, when the host mispronounced my last name.)  Listen to it here.  And it's NSFW; very no-holds-barred.

And here's my official portrait as Prof. Leopold von Gröpenhanz:

It's October, so I'll be putting up some reviews.  I won't be able to do as much celebrating as I often do, largely because I had to shell out major bucks for some auto repairs last week, and BOTH my cell phone and iPod died within days of each other (the former replaced quickly, the latter will have to wait).  It's been difficult and I hope to have things back to semi-normal before Thanksgiving.

So stay tuned...

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