Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WHEN GODS DIE by C. S. Harris

C. S. Harris keeps delivering. I picked up the second book in her Sebastian St. Cyr series, fearing a sophomore slump, but she maintains the promise set by her first book and keeps going.

It's 1811, and during a soiree at the Prince Regent's Brighton Pavilion, the wife of an aging noble is found dead...and worse yet, in the Prince's arms. Who is responsible? Who took her body there, and for what purpose? It leads to a challenging puzzle, full of interpersonal intrigues and political machinations. And it's all capped off by a touching, tragic love story that I found unexpectedly moving.

Sebastian is developing as a person and as a detective, and he's given a quick left to the sensibilities when the dead woman is found wearing a necklace that has a personal meaning for him, and it seems to be kicking off a multi-volume story arc.

WHEN GODS DIE is great fun, well written and with a tense plot and good characters, and a wonderful grasp of the era in which it's set. Highly recommended.

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