Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Night at the Movies: A Bit of Sci-Fi

Our monthly excursion! Cool weather has hit with an almost audible "womp!", and we've dug out jackets and sweaters. The breezes redden our cheeks as we exit the restaurant, full of pear tart and other delicacies, and we duck into our favorite theater for tonight's special.

We've got a bit of old-fashioned science fiction today; actually, this is rather charming. It totally fits the definition of steampunk, and yet it wasn't made as such. For its time, it was futuristic. It's that whole "days of future past" thing. So sit back and enjoy the 1909 classic, "The Airship Destroyer."

After our fill of thrills, we wend our way, laughing, into our favorite coffee shop for a hot drink and some conversation before we part ways into the chilly night...

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Anonymous said...

Not steampunk but exactly what steampunk was conceived as an homage to--the sci-fi of the period 1880-1930, when all technology was steam-powered and Mars had beautiful princesses who might fall for a dashing Earthman.