Tuesday, May 1, 2012

At the Phantom Cabaret: The Tiger Lillies are in Town!

It's opening night of the new cabaret in town, Le Cafe Fantomas! We're given the royal treatment as we go in, with a few knowing winks from the staff. It turns out the owner knows who we are, and welcomes us to what he's sure will be a favorite spot.

The drinks are good, the decor grand, the chandeliers lit, and our bohemian finery fits in very well. We have one of the best tables in the house as the Tiger Lillies take the stage!

The Tiger Lillies are a London-based trio famed for their modern cabaret style, a sort of Berthold Brecht in the 21st century thing, and for songs that push the envelope, attacking society's sacred cows and reveling in bestiality, blasphemy, and death. The song above is from their Grammy-nominated album The Gorey End, which was a series of unpublished Edward Gorey works set to music. Although the Gorey estate isn't fond of it, it's still a fabulous album.

The evening winds to a close, we applaud the band, pay our bar tabs, and bid good evening to the staff after sharing a glass of champagne with the owner, promising to be back soon. Le Cafe Fantomas will be our new home away from home!

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