Monday, September 24, 2012

September's Personal Note

I've been slow in posting, partly because I haven't been reading anything notable. I'm working on either some pulp sci-fi that's not really in the purview of this blog, or stuff I'm to review for other sources.

Also, right now, I'm coping with the aftermath of an abscessed tooth. Around the 13th/14th of September I had a bad toothache that lingered over the weekend. Finally, on Monday I called my dentist, who could see me on Tuesday, and who recommended it get a root canal. Thankfully, the endodontist had a spot open that Friday, but in the meantime my jaw got swollen and I was put on antibiotics. Thankfully, the root canal procedure, while certainly not comfortable, was a huge relief from the pain, and they drained most of the infection from my jaw. Abscessed teeth are no picnic; if neglected long enough, they can be life-threatening, and they are certainly painful. Root canals have a terrible reputation for being ordeals but really, I found it nowhere near the pain that I'd had in the tooth for a week.

I'm a lot better but the antibiotics make me groggy. I'll try to get some stuff up this week; if nothing else, sharing some photos from my ramblings and explorations this summer. I've also thought of a "Phantom Gallery" series with photos or videos of works by an interesting artist. I'll have to look into that.

I'm also seriously thinking of opening this up for other contributors. I may put out an official call but if anyone feels like they want to do something regular for this site, I'd enjoy talking to you.

Anyway, I'll be back soon...

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