Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chilly Sunday Afternoon at the Movies!

We're reconvening after the Thanksgiving holiday, and hitting a show at the local theater. We swap tales of overeating and Black Friday shopping (or refraining from same) as we amble down the street. The weather's taken a turn for the cold and we're bundled in heavy coats and scarves against the wind.

First up is an odd bit of gothicism from Melies, 1904's The Wandering Jew.

And then something a bit more recent, 1936's Page Miss Glory, a triumph of Art Deco design.

And then the feature presentation, the 1931 mystery Chinatown After Dark.

The wind is even colder as we leave, and we scurry to the cafe down the street for our usual libations...

Sorry I'm so late with this; the combination of Thanksgiving, dealing with the office move, and now a nasty cold, haven't left me much time for blogging. Just now getting back in the swing of things...

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