Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November's here, at the Phantom Cabaret

It's chilly out tonight, we're gathered for a drink in the aftermath of the election, relieved that it's finally over, with no more robocalls and leaflets in the mail and dreadful TV commercials and hearing about the same issues over and over on the radio. And up to the piano steps an elegant lady, who sings a tune that speaks to the time of year...

There have been many versions of this lovely Johnny Mercer tune, ranging from Barry Manilow to Nancy Wilson, but this version is my absolute favorite.

Sorry to have been so late with this, folks. In between the election and my office moving to a new location, I've been freaking exhausted and barely up to posting. I'm in bad shape tonight after being up half the night and I'm still adjusting to my new commute...I've gone from a 15-minute bus ride to a 40-minute drive. And my new office has no internet or phone hookups yet, and we're waiting for Verizon to see fit to connect us. Sigh.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great November...I'll be back...

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