Monday, December 3, 2012

December at the Phantom Concert Hall

Our little group assembles in our best bohemian finery at the concert hall. We're a bit excited; a new pianist is performing, a vibrant talent about whom much has been written. We actually scored some good tickets, through a friend of a friend, and we have a great view.

The pianist is a bit off-putting. He's tall and lank, and even as far back as we are, we're struck by the intensity of his eyes. Even the orchestra seem intimidated by him. But his talent is unmistakable as he launches into Liszt's Totentanz....

However, as he's playing, we happen to glance around. The audience is hypnotized! And what are those shadowy figures moving up and down the aisles? James and May are startled, to be sure; Ramsey is gripping your arm, and Viola is doing breathing exercises to control herself while Laura stares at the floor to control her panic. You're gripping the arms of your seat, looking all around you, wondering if you should speak up, or shout, or something. Even get up and run. But then it's over before you realize it; the audience snaps back to normal, the gray shapes fade. But you're scared by the look the pianist gave you from the stage; he knows you know.

Liszt's Totentanz is regarded as one of the finest works of horror in music, and Liszt himself was almost a demoniacal master of the piano, almost on par with Paganini. Lots of his other works are dark and macabre. Go take a look, if you dare...

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