Monday, February 4, 2013

February at the Phantom Concert Hall

We're having some fun tonight at our favorite concert hall; tonight it's a program of gypsy-inspired classics. There's even dancers on the program. And we've got fabulous seats!

But it starts off with an eerie piece, Liszt's "Csardas Macabre."

Dancers take to the stage, but something about their motions seems off. Ramsey and Laura are sure they see something swirling around; you're sitting between James and Viola and you're catching distinct discomfort from both of them. May remains silent but her face reveals a sense of horror.

The program continues in a much more standard vein, but we later discover that a man died in the concert hall during the first number...of no visible cause. And he was suspected of a hit-and-run killing a few weeks ago....and those dancers did their number and then left; they hadn't been on the original program.

Did we witness something supernatural? Who were those dancers? Should we track them down? Will they come after us?

Enjoy the music and let your imagination run riot....

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