Thursday, October 2, 2014

October at the Phantom Concert Hall

On a crisp October evening, we dress up and head to that old, partly-restored concert hall that lay forgotten in a shabby part of town until it was revived recently. Empty storefronts are turning into shops, clubs, and restaurants, and streets that were once a blight are now safe to walk again.

The hall itself still has a way to go; the seats aren't the most comfortable, and there are spaces where it obviously needs a coat of paint, but the acoustics are still good and there's a romance in the shabby grandeur.

The orchestra is a newly-formed one, doing their first concert. There's a few of the standard repertoire, some readings of autumnal poetry, and then this charming piece....

We exit, smiling, exchanging words with the conductor and some of the musicians, including that handsome violinist and that blonde oboist. This will be something to return to.

The night air has grown cooler and embraces us as we leave....

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