Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Hot July Afternoon at the Movies!

A light lunch at our usual place is in the cards today; it's brutally hot and humid, and rather than engage in other weekend activities, we're opting for something inside.

While we're happy to be together, the heat robs us of our appetites, and after a light nibble we head up the street (staying in the shade as much as possible) until we get to our favorite old theater...thankfully with new air conditioning.

This afternoon's show is the 1936 mystery/horror House of Secrets!

Chesterfield Studios was facing dire financial problems in 1936, so they remade an earlier hit with stronger technical work and a better cast (in some cases, cast against type). It didn't stop Chesterfield's collapse, but at least it endures as their shining hour.

After the show, we slowly walk up the street to our usual cafe for a cold drink...and to maybe linger a while. There's rain in the forecast and maybe it will cool things down a little...

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