Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Phantom Fireworks!

It's Independence Day, and we're enjoying an outdoor concert leading up to a fireworks display. The heat and humidity have let up a bit so we can enjoy being outside, and the orchestra is in fine form. Sure, there's lots to be unhappy about in the current climate, but we meet some local candidates who seem to be sincere about making a difference, have a good meal, listen to some good music....and then, the fireworks!

The orchestra plays something lively to match the pyrotechnics, and it's actually fairly appropriate...

It may be a Russian composer's interpretation of Spanish music, but it's a lively piece and a good match for exploding rockets, eh?

We wait a while after people leave....no need to get caught up in all that traffic, and we have enough time to linger. It's a pleasant night, and we're starting to maybe feel a little optimistic about the future...maybe?

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