Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Addition to the Calendar: The Mutter Ball!

Just found out about this. Philadelphia's Mutter Museum, a gloriously gruesome assemblage of medical curiosities, is having a ball on 3/31!

It features a performance by San Francisco-based songstress Jill Tracy, who I adore. Here's the painful part: tickets are $85 for just the dance party, $150 for the dance party and access to the Speakeasy Lounge, and $300 for a gala dinner and cocktail reception as well as the Lounge and dance party. Too much for me right now; if I'd known a few months ago I might have been able to make arrangements.

But the theme! "Medicine and Electricity in the Roaring Twenties." OH MY GOD I WANT TO GO! This is agonizing for me.

Anyway, if you can go, tickets and other information are at the 2012 Mutter Ball site. And if you do go, I expect a report.

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