Sunday, March 4, 2012

At the Phantom Cabaret: An Evening with Rasputina

It's been a wild couple of weeks, and most of us are eager to let loose a little. We gather in our favorite club, get our drinks, chatter and catch up on what's happened lately. Hugs and handshakes, kisses and smiles all predominate; we're happy to see each other, happy to be together. We're looking forward to tonight's headliner: Rasputina!

This song got under my skin after hearing it at random on the Clockwork Cabaret (check the podcast list on the side), and I just have to share it. I'm probably going to be breaking down and buying several of their albums in the not-too-distant future....

So anyway, we have a great time with the show, cheering and laughing, buying souvenirs at the intermission, even having a chance to shake hands with the band after the show. It's a great time. Afterwards we head out for a late bite, still talking and exchanging stories, basking in the glow of a happy evening.

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